Parasitic Performance Night

Parasitic Performance Night

6th of October, 6-8pm, Parking Space Milwaukee Av.

{\}() {\}∆‡!(){\}  and Parasite Parking invite you in the public space on the curb of Milwaukee Ave in front of the artist runned space NoNation aka Laboratorio Tangencial de Arte Posnación.

The desired subject of the interventions is intentionally left openas its focus lies on the act of performance itself, what it does to the public space  vice-versa. We want to reclaim, de/recode and appropriate the public-private parking space for alternative practices and imaginations. We compete with our out steely means of transportation steelen members of transport as we perform parasitically in their designated space. 

Parasite Parking and No Nation inviter for Parasite Performance Night as partner programm of 6018|North and the Chicago Architecture Biennia.

Looking forward to seeing you on this night out of our comfort zone, 
Laboratorio tangencial de arte posnación and Parasite Parking

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